Tangierino has served the Boston area for more than 18 years. Tangierino is not only just a restaurant,
but also provides an entertaining dinner show, such as belly dancing, Samba, and burlesque dancing. It
provides you the most enjoyable memories in your life.



Samad Naamad is a visual and culinary artist from which Tangierino restaurant, CAVE Lounge and SNE entertainment were born. Tangierino stands as a symbol of his artistic passions and amalgamation of culinary and visual mediums. swirling together expertise in culinary arts, visual design, performance and film production. Samad Naamad is a quintessential creator, going to the ends of earth, and often sacrificing convention, in order to realize a vision of providing an entirely unique experience. 

Chef & Owner Samad Naamad's passion for art and devotion to culinary experience coalesce into an exotic sensory journey of a lifetime that will enchant and whisk you away

Our Location

Tangierino Restaurant
83 Main Street
Charlestown, MA 02129

(617) 242-6009

Mon - Sun: 2:00 pm - 1:00 am